The Third Pillar of Financial Advocacy: Wealth Enhancement (Ep. 6)

The Third Pillar of Financial Advocacy: Wealth Enhancement (Ep. 6)

The concept of wealth enhancement goes beyond accumulation.

It’s about having the mindset of empowerment and protecting wealth to achieve personal goals. 

What are the essential factors to consider when it comes to clients?

In this episode, Greg DuPont talks about the third pillar of financial advocacy, wealth enhancement, as well as three secrets about it. He explores the importance of prioritizing a simple, fulfilling life and leaving a legacy and the role of math in wealth enhancement, focusing on understanding values and communicating results effectively. In addition, Greg touches on the power of savings and the potential of alternative assets when diversifying.

Greg discusses: 

  • The three secrets of wealth enhancement
  • Why people in retirement want a simple lifestyle and to leave behind a legacy, not an extravagant lifestyle
  • The role of math and communication in wealth enhancement when it comes to influencing and assisting clients
  • Why the investment world’s math can be disingenuous
  • An explanation of the Monte Carlo tool and its connection to gambling casinos
  • The importance of enhancing our wealth to protect ourselves from external risks
  • The importance of diversifying investments beyond traditional asset classes
  • The role of financial advocates in addressing known risks and providing resilience for unknown risks
  • And more!


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