Are Attorneys Missing Out on a Valuable Opportunity with Long-Term Care? with Jeff Sather (Ep. 7)

Are Attorneys Missing Out on a Valuable Opportunity with Long-Term Care? with Jeff Sather (Ep. 7)

If you have not allocated something for long term care needs in the future, you’ve allocated everything you own to long term care needs in the future.

For attorneys, this is an area worth paying full attention to in order to increase their practice value.

In this episode, Greg DuPont sits down with Jeff Sather, Asset Based Long Term Care Advisor Development Consultant at InsurMark. They talk about the untapped potential of long-term care in the legal profession and how it can significantly boost revenue while addressing a pressing need in the market. Jeff shares his personal experiences and passion for improving long-term care, highlighting the power of dedication and innovation.

Greg and Jeff discuss: 

  • How long-term care can increase the revenue of your practice and fulfill an unmet need
  • The importance of long-term care insurance and how attorneys can help their clients around this topic
  • Jeff’s personal story about his family’s experience with long-term care and the consequences of not having proper coverage
  • Insights from studies showing that only about 10% of the population owns a long-term care policy and the lack of conversations about the topic with advisors
  • The benefits that people don’t know about the modern long-term care insurance policies
  • Why attorneys should bring up long-term care conversations with clients
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Jeff Sather was nicknamed “The Most Successful Marketer of Hybrid LTCi”. He is on a crusade to get people crucial retirement coverage. He served two years on the External Advisory Board for One America. He was a key catalyst for Nationwide designing a qualified funding approach for their CareMatters II product. He is passionate about revealing all the secrets to his success, including the strategies, marketing tools, and sales presentations he employs to create an incredibly consistent production! Overall, Jeff helps protect consumers against the risk of poverty and outliving their income.

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