The First Pillar of Financial Advocacy: Wealth Management (Ep. 3)

The First Pillar of Financial Advocacy: Wealth Management (Ep. 3)

Financial advocacy is divided into six fundamental pillars that teach attorneys how to serve their clients better in their financial affairs.

Wealth management, wealth preservation, wealth enhancement, wealth accumulation, wealth transfer, and the financial advocacy mindset.

In this episode, Greg DuPont talks about the first of the six pillars of financial advocacy, wealth management. Greg highlights why attorneys need to have valuable conversations with clients about their wealth while exploring how his team can help you find the answers to your questions.

Greg discusses: 

  • His definition of wealth management 
  • His evolution as a wealth manager, from being a captive agent to realizing the importance of low-cost fixed index investing and structures that drive the outcome
  • Reasons why members of his network don’t need to have all the financial answers for their clients
  • The licensing component needed to fulfill the wealth management pillar
  • The three S’s for the average investor 
  • How his back office can provide investments solutions and support for members of the network
  • Why he believes that traditional wealth management doesn’t work and how his system focuses on using the right tools to preserve wealth
  • And more!


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