The Second Pillar of Financial Advocacy: Wealth Preservation (Ep. 4)

The Second Pillar of Financial Advocacy: Wealth Preservation (Ep. 4)

In an era where it has become more complicated to save for our future and maintain our lifestyles, it becomes vital for attorneys to explore various perspectives and learn strategies to navigate their clients to preserve their wealth.

In this episode, Greg DuPont talks about the second pillar of financial advocacy, wealth preservation and challenges traditional teachings in the financial industry. He touches on the importance of identifying patterns to determine the right strategies for clients and how annuities and life insurance can be powerful tools for wealth preservation when used effectively.

Greg discusses: 

  • The challenges faced by individuals who have finished their savings journey and are looking to preserve their wealth and legacy
  • The three secrets involved in wealth preservation
  • The importance of understanding the changing rules and increasing personal income tax rates in wealth preservation
  • The fact patterns that drive strategy in wealth preservation
  • How attorneys can analyze their existing client base to identify patterns to provide solutions for their clients’ wealth preservation needs
  • His interaction with an attorney about what can be implemented to generate revenue and deliver better outcomes to clients
  • And more!

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