The Human Element in Financial Advisory with Lindsay Troxell (Ep. 25)

The Human Element in Financial Advisory with Lindsay Troxell (Ep. 25)

The process of transitioning into retirement involves more than just financial planning; it involves psychological and emotional preparation as well.

How can attorneys and financial advisors provide a more holistic service that addresses the human side of retirement? How can they help clients navigate the emotional complexities of leaving their work identity behind?

This week, Greg DuPont chats with Lindsay Troxell, Founder, CEO, and Head Coach At Our Coaching Initiative. They explore the importance of understanding clients’ emotions, the impact of exhaustion on retirement dreams, and strategies for attorneys and advisors to connect more deeply with their clients.

They discuss:

  • The significance of coaching in the financial advisory space and how it can enhance client relationships
  • The challenges clients face when transitioning from work life to retirement, particularly in terms of emotional readiness and identity
  • The importance of managing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy for a fulfilling retirement
  • How advisors can help clients redefine their purpose and identity post-retirement
  • The art of asking the right questions to facilitate deeper conversations and connections with clients
  • How advisors can overcome feelings of inadequacy when stepping into a coaching role
  • Encouraging a growth mindset among advisors to move from merely surviving to thriving in their profession
  • And more!



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About Our Guest:

Lindsay Troxwell is a Certified Life Coach and International speaker changing the landscape of financial services. Since 2005, Lindsay Troxell has worked on thousands of teams across the United States and in Europe with a focus on practice management, business development, client experience, team dynamics, and mindset.

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