Embracing Generational Differences in the Great Wealth Transfer (Ep. 24)

Embracing Generational Differences in the Great Wealth Transfer (Ep. 24)

The great wealth transfer is a monumental event, and attorneys must adapt to generational differences to capture this opportunity.

How can attorneys effectively communicate and market to different generations? What strategies can they employ to engage with a younger, more digitally savvy audience?

In this episode of the March to a Million podcast, Greg DuPont explores the importance of understanding generational nuances in marketing, especially in the context of the great wealth transfer. They explore the impact of financial events on younger generations and the necessity of creating content that resonates with Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z.

Greg discusses: 

  • The distinct marketing approaches required for different generations and the misconceptions attorneys may have
  • The shift from traditional word-of-mouth marketing to building a foundation of social proof for younger audiences
  • The importance of creating convenient, bite-sized content for digital platforms to attract the next generation
  • The need for attorneys to focus on the outcomes and feelings their services provide, rather than just the technical aspects
  • The benefits of utilizing owned media like print newsletters and websites to control the message and build credibility
  • Effective strategies for converting conversations into client engagements without hard selling
  • And more!


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