Rethinking Long-Term Care Planning with Barclay Sisk (Ep. 23)

Rethinking Long-Term Care Planning with Barclay Sisk (Ep. 23)

Are you ready to rethink your approach to long-term care planning and leave a lasting financial legacy for your clients? 

In this episode of The March to a Million Podcast, Greg DuPont talks with Barclay Sisk, Vice-President at 1st Atlantic Brokerage, to uncover the secrets behind long-term care planning strategies and how attorneys can secure their clients’ financial futures. They explore the critical role of proper monitoring, adjusting insurance plans, and creating a personalized care fund over time. 

Barclay discusses: 

  • Creating a long-term care and legacy plan through asset-based and traditional insurance options
  • The importance of starting planning early to build a robust financial foundation
  • Rethinking long-term care coverage and insurance monitoring for a more secure financial future
  • Leveraging life insurance plans to ensure financial stability and legacy planning for affluent clients
  • And more!


Connect With Barclay Sisk:

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About Our Guest:

1st Atlantic Brokerage is an independent IMO/BGA that works with commission-based and fee-based Advisors in the areas of Long-Term Care and Legacy planning. Barclay Sisk has developed a proprietary system and software to provide support in helping their clients make better decisions about their future care needs and the needs of their families. Barclay also works with Employee Benefits Specialists in helping them educate Business Owners and pre-retirees about the importance of a Long-Term Care benefit as a part of their overall benefits package.

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