The Debt-Free 4 Life Program with Tracey Spikes, CLU, FICF (Ep. 22)

The Debt-Free 4 Life Program with Tracey Spikes, CLU, FICF (Ep. 22)

Ready to help your clients with eliminating their debt and pursuing financial freedom? 

Are there any methods available that we should know about?

Join Greg DuPont and Tracey Spikes, CLU, FICF, Debt Free 4 Life™ Specialist, as they discuss the transformative Debt Free 4 Life model that can change people’s future. Tracy shares personal stories and insights on how this model transforms lives by eliminating debt faster, increasing wealth accumulation, and offering financial freedom.

Greg and Tracey Discuss: 

  • Tracy’s personal journey and the motivation behind the Debt Free 4 Life movement
  • How individuals can pay off significant debt quickly and pursue financial freedom within a short timeframe
  • The importance of understanding effective interest costs and redirecting finances to eliminate debt effectively
  • Tailoring financial plans to individual budgets without compromising lifestyle choices 
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Tracey Spikes believes that Debt and Taxes are two of the greatest detractors of wealth accumulation and spendable income that Americans face today. He has studied income in America extensively and came to the shocking conclusion that well over 50% of what Americans earn over their lifetime goes to paying taxes and/or interest.

It’s for these reasons he uses the Smart Advisor Tools suite of software that includes Debt Free 4 Life™️ and Tax Smart 4 Life™️ as part of his advisory work with clients, and trains similarly-minded advisors.

DF4L is a debt elimination app that uses risk management-based products, like life insurance, to modify a “snowball” approach to debt elimination and cash flow management.

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