Get to Know Your Host: Greg DuPont (Ep. 2)

Get to Know Your Host: Greg DuPont (Ep. 2)

In our inaugural episode, we got to find out a little bit about Greg’s history and most importantly, the idea behind March to a Million podcast and The Wealth Solutions Network. 

In this episode, Greg DuPont shares a little about himself and how he makes a positive impact on the world. He talks about his personal story, what he likes doing in his free time, his motivations for starting the March to a Million movement, and the mindset he maintains daily to grow personally and professionally.

Greg discusses: 

  • What he does to recharge and unwind
  • What he would do with his time if he had all the money and didn’t have to work
  • His advice and recommendations for family, friends and clients
  • How his father’s example of constant lifelong learning influenced him
  • His definition of success 
  • The daily mantra that keeps him focused
  • And more!


Connect with Greg DuPont:

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