The Success of WSN’s Founder’s Club (Ep. 16)

The Success of WSN’s Founder’s Club (Ep. 16)

The journey of professional growth and collaboration is always a cause for celebration. 

Today, we take a moment to acknowledge the significant milestone achieved by the Wealth Solutions Network (WSN) while also reviewing the ‘greatest hits’ of knowledge that Greg has brought to the show over the last several months.

Greg DuPont celebrates the official closing of the Founder’s Club for the Wealth Solutions Network (WSN), with 10 members signed up and more considering joining. The network offers learning opportunities for attorneys at all stages of their careers and Greg emphasizes the power of networking to fuel growth. 

Greg discusses: 

  • The official close of the Founder’s Club within the Wealth Solutions Network and the positive response they have received
  • The excitement of having ten members in the Founder’s Club, as well as expectations for future members and the potential for further growth
  • The formation of a vibrant community within the Founder’s Club.
  • The importance of delivering personal support and hand-holding to the members
  • How the message of the Wealth Solutions Network resonated with the target audience and attracted like-minded individuals who want to fulfill the mission
  • How attracting the core group of members was achieved through a combination of networking, social media, and effective lead funnels
  • And more!


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