The Role of Influence in The Mindset Pillar of Financial Advocacy (Ep. 11)

The Role of Influence in The Mindset Pillar of Financial Advocacy (Ep. 11)

Switching the mindset from selling to influencing is a game-changer.

The top advisors in the financial industry don’t sell – they let people come in pre-sold. 

This approach helps build trust and, eventually, strong relationships with clients.

What steps can estate planning attorneys take to become more influential with their clients?

In this episode, Greg DuPont and Matt Halloran share the sixth pillar of financial advocacy: Mindset with a shift into the importance of being influential. They explore the art of influence over sales and the importance and power of effective listening as attorneys. Greg and Matt also delve into building trust and the importance of authenticity and humility.

Greg and Matt discuss: 

  • How top advisors focus on building influence rather than selling
  • Greg’s journey of transitioning from using convincing arguments to being more influential
  • The need for experts to present their views in an easily understandable way for people to accept
  • The difference between sales and influence
  • The importance of stepping into your authority and using a humble approach to build trust in professional relationships
  • The challenge of gaining trust as a financial advisor in a world of readily available information and the importance of providing insight over opinion
  • And more!


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