The Potential of Annuities (Ep. 18)

The Potential of Annuities (Ep. 18)

Annuities are financial products that offer an income stream, usually for retirees.

However, annuities also have some drawbacks, such as fees, surrender charges, and tax implications. 

How can attorneys help their clients in this subject? Can they fit into their estate plans?

In this episode, Greg DuPont explores the world of annuities. He dives into the reasons behind the hesitation towards annuities, highlighting the disconnect between the product’s benefits and public perception. Additionally, Greg also touches on the evolution of annuities, distinguishing between variable and fixed indexed annuities, and emphasizes the importance of understanding annuities as a tool for preserving, protecting, and transferring assets.

Greg discusses: 

  • The negative perception of annuities and the high demand for the product
  • The various types of annuities, including fixed, variable, and indexed annuities
  • Important factors to consider when selecting annuities
  • A potential market disruption and the role of fixed indexed annuity in providing a financial safety net
  • The importance of providing certainty and control to clients, especially during uncertain market times
  • The importance of continuing to learn annuity principles and incorporating them into estate planning 
  • And more!



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