A Guide to Marketing and Building Long-Term Relationships for Attorneys with Charley Mann (Ep. 14)

A Guide to Marketing and Building Long-Term Relationships for Attorneys with Charley Mann (Ep. 14)

One of the most important skills for any professional is effective communication with clients and prospects.

This is especially true for estate planning attorneys, who deal with complex and sensitive matters that require trust.

However, many lawyers struggle with marketing their services and building long-term relationships with their clients.

In this episode, Greg DuPont talks with Charley Mann, Founder of Law Firm Alchemy, about the importance of relationship-building and marketing in the legal profession. They challenge the conventional transactional mindset of attorneys and emphasize the need for a more client-centric approach. They also explore the evolving business model of law firms and the potential shift from specialization to generalization.

Greg and Charley discuss: 

  • The purpose of marketing and the difference between building awareness and getting clients
  • Why shift from a transactional to a relationship-based approach
  • The responsibility of staying connected with clients
  • The importance of personalized and targeted marketing strategies for law firms
  • The concept of information-based direct response marketing 
  • The traditional model of specialization in estate planning and the move towards a more generalized approach
  • The need for estate planners to move upmarket and adapt to the changes brought by AI and technology
  • And more



Connect with Charley Mann:

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About Our Guest:

Charley Mann is the founder of the Law Firm Alchemy. Law Firm Alchemy seeks out the independent, entrepreneurial law firm owner who wants to learn how to fish, not just have fish handed to him or her. Their service comes through our coaching and courses. These are designed with the intention (one of our core values) of deep impact.

How they achieve impact looks different than many others. They aim for positive relationships, even through a course you may watch. The audience is always first in their minds. If they can’t get you to pay attention, it doesn’t matter how good the advice is, it won’t be heard. And the secret to keeping your attention is making it clear that they know you’re there and they respect your intention of learning, your ambition to grow, and your desire to sharpen your axe.

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