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Transformative Personal Growth in Entrepreneurship (Ep. 19)

Transformative Personal Growth in Entrepreneurship (Ep. 19)

Don’t rest on your laurels! Personal growth is a crucial factor for attorneys and entrepreneurs who want to achieve success and fulfillment in their businesses and lives. 

In this episode, Greg DuPont explores the power of personal growth and development for attorneys and entrepreneurs drawing on lessons from Tony Robbins’ “Date with Destiny.” Greg also dives into historical wisdom from figures like Napoleon Hill and Dan Sullivan, emphasizing mindfulness and seizing opportunities for development. 

Listen in as Greg also highlights the coaching culture at Wealth Solutions Network and the importance of community support.

Greg discusses: 

  • His decision to focus on personal growth and development, influenced by his increasing role as a coach
  • The reliance on research in the systems of Tony Robbins and Dan Sullivan
  • Napoleon Hill’s influence and the impact of his work on success principles
  • His plan to maintain balance, leadership, and focus as the March to a Million initiative grows
  • The power of setting intentions and designing your future to attract opportunities and tools
  • A story illustrating the power of the subconscious, healing, and the cosmic elements of life
  • The coaching-centric culture at Wealth Solutions Network and its impact on client relationships and professional growth
  • And more!



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